Where is the lesson?

  • All of our cooking lessons are done in our client's homes.  We do not have our own physical location.  

Are there other kitchens we can use?

  • We have used other kitchens like Airbnb and Hotel kitchens but our clients must source their own kitchen.

How many people can we have a cooking lesson?

  • At Philly Cooking Lessons we are only limited by the size of your kitchen space.  We can accommodate lessons as large as 40 people, if you have the space.

What if my kitchen is small?

  • That's okay!  We can work in any space you got!

What if I don't have much kitchen equipment?

  • No problem!  We work with what you have and if we need extra stuff, we'll bring it with us!

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

  • Absolutely!  Our chefs are professionally trained and can modify most recipes for your dietary needs.  Some of our chefs are even registered dietitians!

Does the cooking lesson include the cost of food? 

  • No, $250 covers just the lesson itself.  Once you and your chef finalize a menu for your lesson, the chef will send you a detailed grocery list to do your shopping from.  This can save you money because you might already have some of the items on your list.  If you don't have time to do the shopping, you can ask your chef to do it for you.  There is a $50 grocery shopping fee and the chef will bring the receipts for the groceries with them to the lesson to be reimbursed.

How much do the groceries typically cost?

  • Of course, it really depends on the menu you select but expect anywhere between $15-35 per person.  With vegetarian meals being on the low end and surf and turf being on the high end.

I have a Gift Card.  How do I redeem it?

  • Just schedule a lesson!  Once your lesson is confirmed, we will ask you about your gift card number.